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Ask Doug: Pagan Prophecies and Uncanny Stuff

Do pagans get everything wrong? What about all the weird prophecies recorded in pagan historians, such as in Herodotus? Was Epimenides a prophet when he said all Cretans are liars? In this video, Douglas Wilson argues that the world is more than just angels, demons, and atoms, but there are also what we might call [...]

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Ask Doug: Does Baptism Make Me a Christian?

In this video, Douglas Wilson explains his view of baptism, answering the question of whether somebody who apostatizes from the faith is, in any sense of the word, a Christian. Wilson gives the answer from the perspective of a Reformed Presbyterian who subscribes to the Westminster Confession of faith. For more on this topic, check out [...]

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Ask Doug: Is America a Christian Country?

Is America a Christian nation in any meaningful sense, given its current cultural degradation? Pastor Doug Wilson takes a look at the big picture in this video. For more on this topic, see these Canon Press resources: Mother Kirk A Short History of the Gospel in England, Scotland, and America A History of Calvinism in America

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Findings of the Canon Press Internal Plagiarism Investigation

On December 10, 2015, Canon Press became aware of alleged plagiarism in one of Canon Press’s 2015 releases, after an exposé, which included contributions from Valerie Hobbs, was posted on the personal blog of Rachel Miller that morning. Canon Press determined that the post was accurate enough to thank Rachel Miller and to necessitate immediate [...]

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Canon Press Statement on A Justice Primer

As many may know by now, we at Canon Press have found ourselves in the unpleasant situation of having recently published a book, A Justice Primer, which included plagiarized material. We have reviewed how this happened and where and we believe Randy Booth's explanation that this happened because of negligence and not malice. We have [...]

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