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Announcing The Plodcast with Douglas Wilson!

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Welcome to the Plodcast

The Plodcast with Doug Wilson from Canon Press on Vimeo.

In the Plodcast, pastor Douglas Wilson covers anything related to theology and culture with his usual entertaining style. Whether it involves talking about Chestertonian Calvinism (not an oxymoron), the benefits of a Classical Christian education (not in that order), or the latest pomosexuality farce, the plodcast aims to apply all of Christ to all of life, for all the world. Douglas Wilson is an evangelical, postmill, Calvinist, Reformed, and Presbyterian (pretty much in that order.)

In his first episode, Douglas Wilson explores the nature of christian tolerance, plugs C.S. Lewis's "That Hideous Strength," and concludes with a discussion on the sins of error. Be sure to join him every Wednesday for the newest edition of the Plodcast. Happy plodding!