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Plodcast Ep. 11—Intelligence Agencies, The Puritan Hope, and Adikos

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The Deep State—Intelligence Agencies Playing Politics

  • Trump is in an ongoing tangle with Washington’s intelligence gathering agencies
  • *Not defending the president*
  • It is manifest that our intelligence agencies have been politicized
  • Cost-benefit analysis:
    • What are the odds of a terrorist attack/incident?
    • What are the odds of the agencies misusing this information for political purposes?
  • Why would we want anybody who is that politicized to have information to all our phones?
  • Either (1.) all the intelligence agencies are entirely evil and corrupt, or (2.) there are good guys, and bad guys throughout
    • It is evident that the good guys are not running the show
  • Response: Look at all the leaks. How many people responsible for these leaks have been caught and have been tried and are serving time for their corruption?
    • If they were, you could argue for more power and politicization.
    • But they are not.

The Puritan Hope by Iain Murray

  • A very pervasive premileenial gloom is widespread among evangelicals today. It was not like this for centuries before us.
  • Many Puritans had the vision that the Great Commission would be fulfilled
    • Shortly after the Reformation, down to the early part of the 1800’s—this belief was the overwhelming majority
  • This book came at a time when I needed that certain kind of encouragement

Adikos—Unjust or Unrighteous

  • adjectival usage
  • God gives rain and sunshine to just and unjust men both
    • God says He will separate the just and the unjust
  • God cannot be unjust, and it would be unjust if He forgot our labors on His behalf
  • We are to be righteous with little things