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Plodcast Ep. 12

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Pastor Wilson discusses the Las Vegas Shooting, gun control arguments, and Stephen Paddock. He plugs H.L. Mencken’s “A Mencken Chrestomathy" and unpacks “Adikomos;” reprobate or cast away. Be sure to join him every Wednesday for the newest edition of the Plodcast. Happy plodding!

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Las Vegas Shooting & Gun Control

  • First, were the guns he used already illegal?
  • Why do debates about gun control break out immediately at such a high pitch?
    • Like a fight breaking out at somebody’s funeral
  • Psalm 10 “There is no God within their thoughts”
    • “…from secret places they murder the innocent…”
    • Secular society—we have formally rejected God and have excluded Him from our public life
      • You are allowed to keep God within your thoughts as a private matter
      • But any attempt to say that our society needs to recognize God will be rejected
  • This is why Steven Paddock did what he did.
    • God was not in his thoughts
  • The primal temptation was “You shall be as God.”
    • Remember, that claiming there is no God means there is a job opening
    • Stephen Paddock was trying to be as God
      • He thought he was the God of wrath and then tried to evade justice
  • This is not what happened. He entered into a condition of everlasting justice.

H. L. Mencken—A Mencken Chrestomathy

  • An anthology of observations on politicians, music, art, culture
  • Mencken was an unbeliever, hostile to fundamentalist Christianity
    • Yet, one of my favorite writers
    • I try to write how Mencken would have written, if he knew Christ
      • Superb writer.
Reprobate, Cast Away
  • Refuse to give thanks, refuse to honor God as God
    • As Christians, these are the things we must be doing. Giving thanks and honoring God as God.
  • Men of reprobate mind mislead silly women (2 Tim 3:8)
  • Abominable, disobedient, and are rejected (Titus 1:16)