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Plodcast Ep. 16

Posted by Douglas Wilson on

Listen up to hear Doug Wilson talk about high education madness, men and marriage, and the Greek word "hairesis". Have a pleasant listen!

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Current Events: High Education Madness

- The Progressives "commitment" to Free Speech

- This movement has no internal braking system.

- It must be externally confronted in terms of cutting off the financial supply.

10:12 Book Plug: Men and Marriage - George Gildere

- If in the grip of feminism you outlaw constructive dominance, you will not get passive men, but you will get destructive dominance.

Hamartiology: hairesis - heresy

- Initially it simply meant faction or sect, but over time it became closely identified with that which helps sects to form -- a distinctive false doctrine or teaching, which the sectarians use to distinguish.