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Plodcast Ep. 18

Posted by Douglas Wilson on

Tune in to hear Pastor Wilson talk about dirty politics and faith in America, Chesterton's "Orthodoxy", and then he tops it all off with a look into the Greek word, "Aischrokerdos". Happy Plodding!

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Show Notes:

Dirty Politics & Faith in America:

- answering people who dismiss conspiracy theorists

- you can't have a powerful nation without immoral people gunning for power

- democracy does not keep us from sin

- power politics has always been attracted to positions of power

G.K. Chesterton's "Orthodoxy:

- like coming across an oasis in a dry and thirsty land

- philosophy book in a common and understandable language

- helps you realize that thinking straight is not crazy

Hamartiology "Aischrokerdos":

- means filthy lucre in 1 Peter 5:2

- equivalent of dirty money

- all three times it's mentioned in the New Testament, it is talking to men about ministry