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Plodcast Ep. 19

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Take a listen to Pastor Wilson address the Al Franken controversy, where he brings it all to the conclusion that stupidity never works. He then finishes off the episode with a book blurb about "Darwin's Black Box", ending with a look at the Greek word "aischrotes". Happy plodding!

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Show Notes:

Al Franken and the Gropers:

- we are seeing the end of an era

- we have moved away from the dance and are not entering the reckoning

- we are trying to say we can have decency survive in an indecent environment

- stupidity never works

- God's standard is the only sustainable standard

Darwin's Black Box:

- argument from irreducible complexity

- this world was crafted

- in all forms of life we have irreducibly complex systems


- means filthiness, mentioned in Ephesians 5:4 as a sin of speech

- Paul prohibits filthiness, foolish talking, and course jesting

- so aischrotes seems here to mean dirty speech, obscene jokes, and so on

- the Christian urge to refine our speech is a godly one