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Plodcast Ep. 2

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Pastor Wilson celebrates and cautions the impatience of the Pro-Life Movement, recommends and discusses Herbert Schlossberg’s “Idols for Destruction,” and unpacks the sin of culpable ignorance. Be sure to join him every Wednesday for the newest edition of the Plodcast. Happy plodding!

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The Pro’s & Cons of the impatience of the Pro-Life Movement

• Human abortion is not consistent with the dignity of human life.

• Why can’t certain states be sanctuary cities on the abortion issue?

10:10 Book review: Idols for Destruction by Herbert Schlossberg

13:52 A Lexicon of Sin: Culpable Ignorance

"An ignorance or a blindness that both causes sin and exacerbates the guilt or the fault of sin.”

To be ignorant in the mystery of Christ is to be wise in their own conceits.

Ignorance is an impediment to our sanctification. Ignorance gets in the way of believers growing in grace.

"The basic problem is that carnal men, natural men, are ignorant of God’s righteousness (Rom 10:3). And when you are ignorant of God’s righteousness, you always want to figure out some way of establishing your own righteousness. If damnation has a single root, and it does, it is this: the most important repentance for man to learn is repentance of his virtues, repentance of his own righteousness.”