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Plodcast Ep. 30

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Tune in to hear Pastor Wilson talk the The Nunes Memo. Then he plugs Reformation Spirituality, and wraps things up with a talk about the Greek word “Akarpos”. Happy Plodding!

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Show Notes:

The Nunes Memo

  • the point is to reframe what we are up against
  • we should be cautious with the phrase “the deep state”
  • all the dirty deeds that have been uncovered were confirmed beforehand
  • this is the kind of wickedness that keeps a records and guards them
  • we are dealing with people who believe they are above the law
  • this is bad all the way down

Reformation Spirituality

  • written by Gene Veith, a Lutheran
  • he anylizes the theology underneath the poetry of George Herbert
  • Herbert was very much a Calvinist in the modern sense
  • Veith clearly understands Calvinism and he does not distort it in any way
  • shows how to treat a theological perspective that you don’t hold yourself


  • represents the sin of fruitfulness
  • if a man prays in tongue without interpretation, his understanding is unfruitful (1 Cor. 14:14)
  • also seen in Tit. 3:14 & 2 Pet. 1:8
  • this is a good example of sins of omission
  • are not describing the presence of evil fruit, but the absence of good fruit
  • we are responsible for what we do not grow
  • obvious parallel with abortion and homosexuality