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Plodcast Ep. 46

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Howdy! Listen in to hear Pastor Wilson talk about Trump as the notorious negotiator man. He then plods on to talk about Kevin Vanhoozer's book "Biblical Authority After Babel". Finishing things off with another look at hamartano and hamartia. Happy Plods!

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Trump: Negotiator Man

  • Trump knows how to negotiate
  • Trump is not on a debate team trying to be consistent
  • He is being inconsistent for the sake of being a better negotiator
  • We’ve had ugly flights and smooth landings with Trump

Biblical Authority After Babel

  • Written by Kevin Vanhoozer
  • Cool kids these days are saying the Reformation was a bad idea
  • Vanhoozer does a great job of showing the five solas that describe the Reformation
  • Very packed book, read in short bits

Hamartano & Hamartia

  • Hamartano: John 5:14, 8:11,9:2,3
  • Hamartia: John 1:29, 8:21,24.34,46, 9:34,41, 15:22,24, 16:8-9, 19:11, 20:23