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Plodcast Ep. 77

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Plodcast Ep. 77

This week Douglas Wilson talks about the national creative disruption. He then goes on to suggest Revelation: Four Views edited by Steve Gregg. Wrapping it up with a look at the New Testament word “Andrapodistes.” Happy plodding!

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Show notes:

National Creative Disruption

  • Sometimes good things come out of real disasters
  • Pearl Harbor ended up causing the US to use aircraft carriers in the next war
  • Trump is immune to the toxins that have worked on the old rulers (not denying the destructive part)
  • The creative disruption is happening in Trump’s relationships

Revelation: Four Views

  • Edited by Steve Gregg
  • The four views of Revelation: Historicist, Preterist, Futurist, and Spiritualist
  • Historicist - all of church history in a continuous way
  • Preterist - the history of the church, Israel, and Rome in the first century
  • The Futurist - a prediction of what will happen at the end of the world (in our future)
  • The Spiritualist - the view that says it has no literal earthly fulfillment
  • This book goes through Revelation and gives each view for the verses
  • Great book to become settled on your views of Revelation


  • “Andrapodistes” is a word for man-stealer
  • 1 Tim. 1:10, Ex. 21:16