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Plodcast Ep. 82

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This week Douglas Wilson talks about the ethics of a border wall. He then goes on to talk about “The Case Against Education ” by Bryan Caplan. Wrapping it up with a look at the New Testament word “Anoetos.” Happy plodding!

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Show notes:

Ethics of a Border Wall

  • From the OT we can see that a wall is not inherently unethical
  • Because it is built by men it can be misused
  • The difference is in the payout
  • A wall that is capable of keeping everyone out can also keep everyone in

The Case Against Education

  • by Bryan Caplan
  • He shows that going to college and completing a degree has a strong economic payoff
  • Caplan argues that a degree is a signal that you can get things done
  • Caplan deals only with tax-funded education and not private education
  • It would be better if he said “A Case Against Government Funded Education”


  • “Anoetos” means foolish
  • Gal. 3:1,3, 1 Tim. 6:9, Tit. 3:3, Luke 24:25