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Plodcast Ep. 85

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This week Douglas Wilson talks about the absolute craziness that is happening on the Democratic left. Then he plods on to review Nancy Wilson’s book, “Learning Contentment”. Then Pastor Wilson wraps things up by taking a look at the Greek word anomia. Happy Plods!

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Show Notes:

Democrats & Crazy Time:

  • All of the announced Democratic candidates voted against saving the lives of newborn babies that survive a botched abortion
  • One of these Democratic candidates is going to get roughly 50% of America’s votes
  • On the left it’s crazy at the top, it’s crazy in the rhetoric, and it’s crazy all the way down
  • On the right it’s crazy at the top, but not crazy all the way down
  • If we look over to the right—the world is not ending. If we look over to the left—man.

Learning Contentment:

  • Written by Pastor Wilson’s wife Nancy Wilson
  • Nancy lives this book out
  • Discontent multiplies and contentment grows


  • We have to look at three other renderings of anomia
  • Rendered as unrighteousness in: 2 Cor. 6:14
  • Rendered twice as transgression of the law in: 1 John 3:4