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Plodcast Ep. 88

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This week Pastor Wilson talks about jury nullification and gives us his personal account of being on jury duty himself. Then he plods on to review Justin Dyer and Micah Watson’s book, “C.S. Lewis On Politics and Natural Law”. Then Pastor Wilson wraps things up by taking a look at the Greek word anosios. Happy Plods!

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Show Notes:

Jury Nullification:

  • Juries have authority over the law and not just over the person accused
  • Pastor Wilson was selected to be the foreman of a jury
  • If you have the opportunity to serve in a jury you should
  • You should also read up on jury nullification before you serve

C.S. Lewis On Politics and Natural Law:

  • Written by Justin Dyer and Micah Watson
  • C.S. Lewis claims to be bored by politics, but this book shows C.S. Lewis was a sophisticated political thinker
  • He is profoundly conservative in his outlook on politics, and is very much a classical liberalist
  • If you are interested in political theory, natural law, political science, and C.S. Lewis then this is your book


  • Rendered as unholy
  • Used in 1 Tim. 1:9, 2 Tim. 3:2
  • Too many Christians see holiness in terms of a seraphic countenance and an implied halo, and thusly see unholiness as the mere absence of that -- a state of being ordinary
  • But as Paul uses unholy here, it means polluted and defiled