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Plodcast Ep. 89

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This week Pastor Wilson talks about woke evangelicalism. Then he plods on to review Andrew Potter and Joseph Heath’s book, “Nation of Rebels”. Then Pastor Wilson wraps things up by taking a look at the Greek word Antidiatithemai. Happy Plods!

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Show Notes:

Woke Evangelicalism:

  • By abandoning discussion of Christ and His cross we are abandoning any hope for a reconciliation
  • A reparation movement is going to make race relations far worse
  • Wilson is not opposed to the universal harmony that the woke are pursuing. Rather, he is opposed to misguided proposals that will make things worse

Nation of Rebels:

  • Written by Andrew Potter and Joseph Heath
  • This book shows that the idea of counterculture in America is an illusion
  • It shows that the counterculture is the mainstream culture
  • There is no genuine counterculture in America today
  • The church should become a true counterculture


  • Rendered as those who set themselves up in opposition
  • Found in 2 Tim. 2:25
  • This native opposition is hard to overcome
  • Paul says that it is sometimes overcome by means of meek and patient instruction