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Plodcast Ep. 94

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This week Pastor Wilson talks about the glory of privilege, and how Christians should view our culture’s shaming of white privilege. He also talks about Laura Hillenbrand’s book, “Unbroken”, and his Father’s friendship with Louis Zamperini. Pastor Wilson finishes things off with a look at the word anupotaktos. Happy plodding!

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Show Notes:

The Glory of Privilege:

  • In this uneven world some people are born ahead and others behind
  • In a secular framework this unevenness causes a problem
  • God showers His kindness in unequal portions and there is no way to object without objecting to God’s way of doing things
  • The issue is not whether certain people are privileged--of course they are. The issue is following the parable of the talents--what do they do with it.
  • White privilege does exist, and it should be used to advance the Kingdom of God not advance the kingdom of white privilege


  • Written by Laura Hillenbrand
  • This book is based on the story of Louis Zamperini
  • Pastor Wilson’s father was friends with Louis Zamperini


  • Used four times in the New Testament
  • One of the translations is rendered as disobedient (1 Tim. 1:9)
  • Rendered twice as unruly in Titus 1 and once in Hebrews 2:8
  • In other words, as Christ’s rule in this world is consolidated and made manifest, we will eventually see that nothing is disobedient