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Ask Doug: A Man's Responsibility in the Home

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How should a Christian man lead in his home? Pastor Wilson recommends pursuing warm familial relationships rather than jumping up and down on Ephesians 5.

For more free videos and sermons, please visit Check out a couple of our books on this topic: Federal Husband and Reforming Marriage.

Ask Doug: Favorite Band

Yes, for real, find out what artist Douglas Wilson has listened to the most over the years. Honest. And it's deeply rooted, as all good things are, in the blues.For more free videos, sermons, and blues, please visit

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Ask Doug: Pastors and Liberal Arts

What is wrong with majors and minors and typical college degrees and modern specialization? What does it mean to be well-educated? How does this apply to the ministry? Douglas Wilson gives a shameless appeal for New Saint Andrews College in a discussion with college President Ben Merkle.For more free videos and sermons, please visit

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Ask Doug: Pornography in Marriage

How does one deal with pornography use that occurs in marriage? What are strategies should men use for dealing with it? Should men dealing with porn addiction take the Lord's Supper? For more free videos and sermons, please visit For more on this topic, please see Pastor Wilson's book Fidelity.

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Ask Doug: Scandals and Internet Accountability

How should Christians respond to scandals they read about on the internet? In a question about the Duggars, Douglas Wilson avoids commenting on the facts and explains why getting up in arms about such things without all the facts often does more harm than good. For more free videos and sermons, please visit

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Ask Doug: Morbid Introspection

What do you do when you find someone sinning in how they repent of their sin? As Calvinists who believe in total depravity, we do not believe that God is out to squash us, but what is the difference between godly and worldly sorrow? What role does family life play in worm theology?For more free [...]

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Ask Doug: Under Wrath in Christ

Is there a sense in which we can say that a believer falls under God's wrath in Christ? In this video, Douglas Wilson discusses penal atonement and in what sense we are and are not joined to Jesus' death. For more free videos and sermons, please visit our website at

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Ask Doug: Pagan Prophecies and Uncanny Stuff

Do pagans get everything wrong? What about all the weird prophecies recorded in pagan historians, such as in Herodotus? Was Epimenides a prophet when he said all Cretans are liars? In this video, Douglas Wilson argues that the world is more than just angels, demons, and atoms, but there are also what we might call [...]

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Ask Doug: Does Baptism Make Me a Christian?

In this video, Douglas Wilson explains his view of baptism, answering the question of whether somebody who apostatizes from the faith is, in any sense of the word, a Christian. Wilson gives the answer from the perspective of a Reformed Presbyterian who subscribes to the Westminster Confession of faith. For more on this topic, check out [...]

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Ask Doug: Is America a Christian Country?

Is America a Christian nation in any meaningful sense, given its current cultural degradation? Pastor Doug Wilson takes a look at the big picture in this video. For more on this topic, see these Canon Press resources: Mother Kirk A Short History of the Gospel in England, Scotland, and America A History of Calvinism in America

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