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Cantus Christi: Four-Part Piano Accompaniment (Audio Download)


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Cantus Christi:

Piano Accompaniment Audio Download

This four-part piano accompaniment to the Cantus Christi will help you learn more than half of the tunes in the Cantus. Each selection includes a piano introduction and one verse. To get the best use out of this download, simply pick a song track from the "Chapters" menu, set your player to "repeat" and sing through all the verses.
Note: Because of the file type, this download will appear in your player as an Audiobook.
Psalms in this Set:
Psalm 1: Bless Now the Man Who Does Not Walk
Psalm 2: Why Do the Heathen Nations Vainly Rage?
Psalm 5: Give Ear, O LORD to All My Thoughts

Psalm 6: Chide Me, O LORD, No Longer

O Food of Men Wayfaring

Psalm 10: Why Do You Stand Far Off, O God
Psalm 11: I in the LORD Do Put My Trust
Psalm 12: Help, LORD, Your Law the Godly Cease to Savor
Psalm 13: How Long, O LORD, Will You Forget?
Psalm 13: How Long, O Lord, Wilt Thou Forget?
Psalm 14: The Fool Says in His Heart, There Is No God
Psalm 15: LORD, Who Shall Dwell Within Your House?
Psalm 16: Preserve Me, God, I Put My Trust in Thee

Psalm 17: O LORD, Hear Thou My Righteous Cause

Psalm 70: Be Pleased to Save Me, God, I Pray

Psalm 18: O LORD, I Love You, God My Strength
Psalm 19: The Spacious Heavens Declare
Psalm 20: The LORD Hear Thee in Troubled Time
Psalm 21: O LORD, Our King Rejoices
Psalm 22:22-31: To All My Brothers I'll Declare
Psalm 23: The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Psalm 23: The LORD My Shepherd in His Love Defends Me
Psalm 23: The LORD's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want
Psalm 24: The Earth Belongs to God Our LORD

Psalm 24: The Lord Is King of Earth's Domain 

Psalm 62: In God Alone My Soul Finds Rest

Psalm 111: Praised Be the LORD, My Savior

Psalm 25: Unto Thee, O LORD, My Savior
Psalm 26: O Vindicate Me LORD
Psalm 27: God Is My Light, My Refuge, My Salvation
Psalm 27: My Savior God Is All My Light

Psalm 28: To Thee, O LORD, I Call in Anguish

Psalm 109: O Be Not Silent, Heed and Hear Me

Psalm 29: O You Mighty, Give the Lord

Psalm 30: I Will Extol Thee, LORD

Psalm 76: In Judah's Land Prevails Our God's Fame

Psalm 139: O LORD, My God, Thou Searchest Me

Psalm 32: Blest Is the Man Whose Trespass Is Forgiven

Psalm 33: Rejoice Ye in the LORD, O Righteous

Psalm 67: May Go Be Merciful and Bless Us

Psalm 34; In Every Time I'll Always Bless the LORD
Psalm 35: Strive, LORD, with Those Who Strive with Me

Psalm 36: He Who in Evil Does Rejoice

Psalm 68: God Shall Arise and by His Might

Psalm 38: LORD, Rebuke Me Not in Anger
Psalm 40: I Waited and I Waited for the LORD

Psalm 42: As the Hart About to Falter

Comfort, Comfort Ye My People

Psalm 43: Judge Me, O God, and Plead My Cause
Psalm 43: O Judge Me, God of My Salvation
Psalm 45: My Heart Has Found a Ready Theme
Psalm 45: With Noble Themes My Heat and Mouth
Psalm 46: God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength
Psalm 56: Be Gracious unto Me, O God
Psalm 61: Listen to My Cry, and Hear Me
Psalm 63: O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly

Psalm 66: Let All the Earth With Loud Rejoicing

Psalm 98: Sing to the LORD, a New Song Voicing

Psalm 118: O Come with Thanks, God's Goodness Praising

Father, We Thank Thee Who Hast Planted

Psalm 67: May God Be Merciful to Us and Bless Us
Psalm 72: O LORD, Thy Judgments Give the King

Psalm 74: O God, Why Dost Thou Cast Us Off for Aye

Psalm 116: I Love the LORD, the Fount of Life and Grace

Psalm 75: Thee O God, Yes, Thee We Praise
Psalm 76: In Judah's Land Prevails God's Fame
Psalm 80: O Israel's Shepherd Hear Our Pleading
Psalm 84; O LORD of Hosts, O God of Grace
Psalm 84: How Lovely, LORD of Hosts to Me
Psalm 92: It's Good to Thank the LORD
Psalm 94: God of Vengeance, O Jehovah
Psalm 95: O Come, Let Us Sing unto the LORD
Psalm 97: Yahweh Reigns! Let the Land Rejoice!

Psalm 98: O Sing a New Song to the LORD

Behold the Glories of the Lamb

Psalm 99: God the LORD is King 
Psalm 100: All People That on Earth o Dwell 

Psalm 100: You Lands and Peoples of the Earth 

Psalm 131: O LORD in Whom I Do Abide 

Psalm 142: With All My Voice to God I Cry

Psalm 103: My Soul Now Bless Thy Maker
Psalm 103: O Thou My Soul, Bless God the Lord
Psalm 110: The LORD unto My Lord These Words
Psalm 110: Jehovah to My Lord Has Said
Psalm 119: Before Thee Let My Cry Come Near
Psalm 121: I to the Hills Will Lift Mine Eyes
Psalm 122: O 'Twas a Joyful Sound to Hear
Psalm 123: To Thee, O LORD Who Dwellest in the Height
Psalm 124: Let Israel Now Say
Psalm 127: Except the LORD Build the House
Psalm 128: Blessed the Man That Fears Jehovah
Psalm 130: Lord, from the Depths to Thee I Cried
Psalm 130: Out of the Depths of Sadness 
Psalm 133: Behold How Good and How Pleasant
Psalm 134: Come, Bless the LORD with One Accord
Psalm 135: Hallelujah! Praise the LORD
Psalm 136: Praise God, For He Is Kind
Psalm 137: Along the Streams of Babylon in Sadness
Psalm 138: With All My Heart, O LORD, I'll Praise
Psalm 138: With All My Heart My Thanks I'll Bring
Psalm 140: LORD, Rescue Me from Foes, I Pray Thee
Psalm 145: The Eyes of All upon Thee Wait
Psalm 148: From Heav'n O Praise the LORD
Psalm 148: The LORD of Heaven Confess
Psalm 149: The LORD of Heaven Confess
Psalm 150: Hallelujah! Praise the LORD
O Bread of Life from Heaven
Soul, Adorn Thyself with Gladness
Behold the Bridegroom Cometh
Savior of the Nations, Come
From East to West
From Heavens Above to Earth I Come
Good Christian Men, Rejoice
Arise and Shine in Splendor
Let All the Stars in the Skies Give Praise
Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended
A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth
Let Thy Blood in Mercy Poured
O Lamb of God Most Holy!
Through Every Age, Eternal God
Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands
That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright
See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph
We Now Implore God the Holy Ghost
The Son of God Goes Forth to War
All Glory Be to God on High
Behold! The Mountains of the Lord
How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
I Will Sing My Maker's Praises
O Day of Rest and Gladness
O God of Bethel! by Whose Hand
O Lord, We Praise Thee
Sing Praise to God, Who Reigns Above
The God of Abraham Praise
That Spacious Firmament on High
'Tis by Thy Strength the Mountains Stand
Whate'er My God Ordains is Right
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Schutz)
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Bach)
Ah Jesus Lord, Thy Love to Me
Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word
Christ is Made the Sure Foundation
From Depths of Woe I Raise to Thee
God Moves in a Mysterious Way
I Bind Unto Myself Today
If Thou But Suffer God to Guie Thee
In God, My Faithful God
Jesus, Priceless Treasure
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Let Christian Faith and Hope Dispel
Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart
May God Bestow on Us His Grace
My Song Is Love Unknown
Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word
O Let My Name Engraven Stand
Lord, Teach Us How to Pray Aright
Once More, My Soul
Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose
All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night
O Gladsome Light
Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow
The Day is Past and Gone
That Man a Godly Life Might Live
Hear How the Lord on Sinai's Mountain
We All Believe in One True God
Sanctus (Schubert)
Isaiah, Mighty Seer, in Days of Old
The Lord's Prayer (Ancient)
The Lord's Prayer (Stone)
The Sacrifices of God Are a Broken Spirit
The Song of Simeon (Genevan)
Sursum Corda
The Preface
Sanctus (Fryxell)
Responses to the Commandments (Tallis)
Kyrie (Tallis)
Gloria in excelsis (Tallis)
Credo (Tallis)
Sanctus (Tallis)
Agnus Dei (Tallis)
Offertory Sentence (Tallis)
Magnificat (Tallis)
Benedict (Tallis)
Nunc Dimittis (Tallis)
Te Deum (Tallis)

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