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Douglas Wilson's Newest Book

Devoured by Cannabis

A blunt rebuke of high society.

Many conservatives are openly ready to give up on the battle for legalizing marijuana. Hasn't the "war on drugs" been a complete failure? Shouldn’t people be free to do what they want for fun? Instead, Douglas Wilson shows that as Christians we must not only fight the immediate battles, but we must also go against the cultural tide when it is being driven by the wrong things. And no, it’s not by making silly claims about Reefer Madness.
However, in this book, Douglas Wilson carefully shows from Scripture why marijuana usage is not comparable to alcohol consumption and how it is a sin for the believer. Then he explains why keeping marijuana illegal is not a pointless battle but an important cultural statement. When we are dealing with what laws are best, the question is not just whether something should be legal, but what industries we are promoting and what incentives we are putting in place. Liberty for pot-heads means tyranny for everyone, including the people enslaved by it.

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