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After being blocked from publishing by Amazon Prime Video, we had to pivot and get Man Rampant to you in a new way. Get the app to watch the newest seasons.

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Along with new audiobooks dropping every week, the Canon App gives you access to our entire library for half the price of Audible.

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Canon Press is about a full-orbed approach to how our theology comes out of our fingertips into the world God gave us. We aim to change the world through simple, Christ-centered, faithful living. Find it on these platforms.

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How do I change my password or cancel my subscription?

For subscription bought inside the App:
Click "log in", then "I already have an account", then "forgot password" to reset your password.

For subscriptions bought on this website: 
These work only if you got a website subscription from here.

Can I share my account with my family and across devices?

Yes. If you bought a subscription on the website here, simply share your email and password.

If you bought it on a smartphone or smart TV, make sure the following are true:

1. A subscriber has an active subscription. Follow these instructions for Apple devices or these for Androids.

2. The paying subscriber created an account after subscribing.  

2. Update the app to latest version on all devices.

3. All devices log in with the paying subscriber’s login info. Go to the app settings, click log in, click “I already have an account”, sign in.

4. Click "restore purchases."

Email us at [email protected] if issues arise.

How do I gift a subscription? 

Google Play Store and Apple App Store, they can spend your gifted credit on any app, including The Canon App.

You can also buy and share a gift card from Canon Press. When you buy and forward the gift card to someone via email, they can spend it on anything on our website, including a subscription to The Canon App.

Is there a desktop version of the app?

Thanks to your support, we are working on it. In the meantime, you can access the app on all the channels below.

Do you have any discounts for churches, military, veterans, seminarians?

Not at this time.

Where can I see my downloads and everything "in progress"?

Here's the best way to manage downloads for now: 

1. Find your content:
Go to the audio content you want to download. Video is unavailable for download.

2. Download and save it:
Click the cloud icon to download it and click the bookmark icon next to it. This will add to your homepage "Saved" playlist. 

3. Manage your "saved" playlist: When you've finished content, click on the content's image. To remove the download click the "x available for offline" and the bookmark icon again to remove it from your "saved" playlist.

Where can I contact app support?

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