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  • Can I use the app without an internet connection?
    •  You will need an internet connection to download the app and download podcasts or audiobooks. When  you finish downloading content, make sure you hit the “bookmark” icon to save it. So when you go offline, you can listen to whatever is in your saved feed.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
  • Can I use one subscription for multiple devices, like a family subscription?
    • Yes. Make sure you follow these four steps:
      1. The paying subscriber created an account. Some subscribers forget to get to this.
      2. Use the latest version of the app for all devices. Update it at the App Store or delete and reinstall the app.
      3. All devices log in with the paying subscriber’s login info. Click the ellipses in the top-right corner for settings, click log in, click “I already have an account”, sign in.
      4. Click restore purchases.
      5. If issues persist, click here to email us.
  • I didn’t cancel in time. How can I get a refund? 
    • Canon Press does not hold or see funds from Apple or Google for weeks after your purchase so all refunds must be taken up with them. And yes, we are working on a solution that pays $0.00 to Big Tech.