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where the dead don't stay buried.
An ancient stone is the key to immortality.

Cyrus and Antigone Smith join a secret order of explorers—keepers of history’s most dangerous immortals. The only thing that can raise them from the deep tombs of Ashtown is the powerful Dragon’s Tooth . . . and someone is looking for it. It’s up to Cyrus and Antigone to keep it safe!

A lost hero rises from the deep.

With the help of a powerful ancestor, Cyrus and Antigone search for the Dragon’s Tooth. A stone that grants immortality, it wakes an ancient evil—one that has waited centuries to emerge!

A deadly power hidden beneath the earth . . .

Ashtown is under attack, and a dark prophecy threatens the Smiths. Cyrus and Antigone have inherited weapons they need to fight back—if only they can find them!

Please declare aloud: I hereby undertake to tread the world, to garden the wild, and to saddle the seas, as did my brother Brendan. I will not turn away from shades in fear, nor avert my eyes from light. I shall do as my Keeper requires, and keep no secret from a Sage. May the stars guide me and my Strength preserve me. And I will not smoke in the library. Translation approved, 1946.