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Big Hospitality with Rachel Jankovic
Join Rachel Jankovic for a 4-week live webinar THIS November where she will discuss principles, tips, & practical encouragement on how to practice big hospitality! See Details below.
Biblical and practical help to practice big hospitality.

You can attend the live webinar every Tuesday morning at 10am PST in November!

In four sessions, you’ll learn

  • biblical principles behind hospitality
  • the value of biblical hospitality
  • what biblical hospitality accomplishes
  • practical applications for big hospitality
  • menu ideas
  • how to deal with hospitality problems

When you attend the live webinar, it will open up for Q&A and fun giveaways to help you practice big hospitality, like downloadable menus to serve even 30 people from a single home kitchen.


Q: Can I watch with friends?

A: Yes! We recommend this option! Click here to email jake@canonpress.com for discounted group rates.

Q: If I miss the live sessions can I watch the webinars later?

A: Yes! You will be able to watch later, you just won’t be able to comment or ask live questions.

Q: How do I watch?

A: You will be emailed a receipt with the links. If the links don’t arrive in time for the live viewing, email jake@canonpress.com.

Q: Can we buy this product later?

A: No! This is an exclusive webinar that will not be available for purchase at a later time. So get in quick!