Imitation in Writing: Aesop's Fables

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Matt Whitling

Imitation is how most of us learn anything—from learning a new language to mastering a skill. Why do we neglect his powerful tool when it comes to learning to write?

Look Inside the Curriculum

Imitation in Writing is a curriculum that teaches students to write by giving students simple stories to retell in their own words. Students are given step-by-step instructions on how to outline, retell, and edit their retellings of classic fables, myths, and legends.

Designed by veteran Logos School teacher and superintendent Matt Whitling, this curriculum is perfect for both classrooms and for homeschoolers. Whether your student is eager to write or struggles with it, Imitation in Writing allows students to get plenty of practice writing.

This new edition has been specially adapted with several new features:

  • Weekly schedules for both classrooms and homeschoolers
  • Detailed instructions for every step in the writing process
  • Carefully edited classic stories for your students to imitate
  • Sidebars with historical notes or the moral of the story
  • Optional activities that allow students to be retell their stories with a creative twist

This book features twenty classic fairy tales, from more familiar ones like Rapunzel to the story of King Grizzle-Beard. These tales will teach your students about many classic but overlooked fairy tales as well as hold their interest.

AUTHOR: Matt Whitling

PAGE COUNT: 184 pages

SIZE: 8.5x11"

ISBN 10: 1930443102

ISBN 13: 9781930443105


RELEASE DATE: June 7, 2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Erin Reece
Aesops Fables

We are loving the Grammar of Spelling and Logos Cursive but I am struggling to teach Aesops Fables as the instructions are not modified for the homeschool setting. Are there any plans to update the instructions for the home setting? Thanks!

Yasha Fard

Very happy with it.

Robin Burns

I actually used it in my classroom (public school) and it went well. Thank you for allowing me to bring this to a classroom which is not use to imitation in writing.