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Adorable Fallacy Flashcards

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Canon Logic Series

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Get the flashcards for this amazing introduction to logic! Grades 6+ (at home or in school).

Normal flashcards are printed on 3.4" x 5.5" cardstock. Larger classroom flashcards are printed on 8.5" x 11" cardstock.

Each set includes all fifty fallacy flashcards from The Amazing Doctor Ransom's Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies. Test yourself on fallacy descriptions and all fallacy names (not to mention the ever-captivating beast titles and characteristics). Each flashcard is entertainingly illustrated with each fallacy in harmless mode on one side and attack mode on the other. Get the practice you need to identify the little stinkers wherever they might appear. 

What People Are Saying

"I sat down last night with a logic textbook [Adorable Fallacies] prepared by Canon Press—never had I found a subject more artfully and naturally approached.... It's a bit forbidding for me to be before an audience that understands rhetorical tropes, logical fallacies, and so on, because I depend on them to make my points...." -Walter Kirn, author of Up in the Air

"While I review the book as one that should be used by teens, I suspect that many adults will enjoy the book as much or more than teens. Those who might have been introduced to logical fallacies through some other course are unlikely to have encountered all of those covered here, and they certainly will not have learned about the bestiary that accompanies them. Even if Dr. Ransom is reviewing some previously-learned concepts, his unique storytelling talents should prove greatly entertaining." -Cathy Duffy, Homeschool Materials Reviewer

"With its whimsical drawings and far-fetched narrative, I felt as if I were flipping through a copy of J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them rather than a catalog of logical fallacies. If you are looking for a good logic curriculum for your child, I would recommend this one, and while you are at it, this is a great refresher for us parents and teachers out there! We've giggled our way through our older group evening read-aloud time with The Bestiary, laughing at the over-the-top examples, but finding more than adequate fodder in society and history to keep a passionate discussion going for well over an hour." -Homeschooling Moms

"Fun for Kids, Smart for Adults" -Kit

"My 8 year old son was flipping through it the day it came in the mail and he was rollicking on the floor in laughter at the pictures." -Bob

Douglas Wilson has been pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, ID for forty years and is the author of more than fifty books including Empires of Dirt, Rules for Reformers, and Flags Out Front. He blogs regularly at www.dougwils.com and can be heard weekly on The Plodcast. Doug and Nancy have three children and lots of grandchildren.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Emily Harty

Adorable Fallacy Flashcards


Excellent addition to book


Love it. Works well with the book.

sara whatley
Verifiably adorable

These cards are cute and are a great way of reviewing the fallacies we’ve gone through in our lessons. My kids like the creatures and they help us remember the fallacy addressed.

Jenn P
Perfect for my 13 yr old son!

I opened the box and placed the book and flash cards on the table…it only took a few minutes for my son to find them and start reading the flash cards and book. He loves the drawings and has been eager to learn more fallacy’s without me ever having to say a word. The other night he was excitedly showing his dad his favorite cards and attempting to explain the fallacy it depicted. I’m definitely glad I purchased the cards to go with the book!


These cards are high quality, durable, amazing illustrations, and helpful. They should be a wonderful addition to any class or homeschool.

Tracy Fruehauf

Adorable Fallacy Flashcards