Friend Like A Christian - Live Webinar

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Rachel Jankovic

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Christian friendship is a tremendous gift. And yet it is a subject that we have a very hard time understanding. 

That's because it is so fraught with complicated scenarios. And oftentimes Christian women are just full of questions, questions about what to do. "If my friend is walking away from the faith, how do I faithfully friend someone who is behaving badly?"

Of course, the world is full of counsel about what to do about toxic friendships and what to do about this and drop a friendship if it's not serving you. And we very rightly know that that's not a Christian principle either, right?

So we are torn between our own instincts with what the world's telling us and oftentimes we don't have a clear picture of what the Bible lays out as our behavior in friendship.

I want to take a look at the principles that the Bible lays out for Christian friendship and I hope to communicate what a tremendous amount of freedom and fruitfulness these principles can bring to Christian friendships.

So join us for the webinar starting November 9th on Tuesdays at 10 o'clock Pacific Standard Time.

Questions and answers will be live at that time but you can always watch the recording later if you can't make it.


  • Where can I watch the webinar recordings?
    Click here.
  • Will I be able to watch this after the event if I miss it live?
    Yes. Starting November 9th, webinars go live on Tuesday at 10AM Pacific time and they'll be recorded. You can watch the recordings at any time.
  • Can I ask Rachel questions and chat with other attendees?
    Yes, you’ll be able to ask any question, and chat with other webinar attendees during the live event. If you can’t make it to the live event, submit questions to Rachel via social media.
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    Yes. Click here to inquire about the special rates.
  • Will I be able to stream this as audio only? I have poor a internet connection. No. The live webinar will only be available as video. But you can rewatch the videos in a lower quality that poor internet connections can handle. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Ellen Helsel
Excellent Series!

A wonderful clear explanation of what true Christian friendship is according to Jesus. Loved it! Thank you Rachel for this encouraging and helpful series!

Christine Altmann

Friend Like A Christian - Live Webinar

Taylor Triplett
The Best. Recommend to every Christian woman.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for this webinar. I learned so much about my sin patterns in friendships and my wrong views about what a healthy friendship should look like. There are so many things I couldn’t identify as a problem or pitfall in friendships. God has used this webinar to radically change friendships in my life. It is such an encouragement toward pursuing Christ. I highly recommend. I hope someday she writes a book. The content is so needed. I’m so glad I took notes because I constantly refer back to them. Thank you so much for this webinar.

Keiana Smith

Friend Like A Christian - Live Webinar

Lauren Mefford
You did great, Rachel. A wonderful webinar series for mothers today.

You did great, Rachel. A wonderful webinar series for mothers today. Helps correct unhelpful thinking that leads to pitfalls in friendship while being a mom/wife. Painting a down-to-earth, biblical understanding of friendship promotes rest in these relationships as we fulfill our God-appointed duties at home—and gladly do so alongside other sisters who are doing the same in their homes, eyes fixed on Christ. Thanks for your labor in this message, sister!

Shannon Woodhouse
Friend Like A Christian

This was an excellent teaching from Rachel! I took so many notes and have been over them a number of times. So many great nuggets!

Rachel Staudinger
Friendship webinar

All in all, lots of good, convicting and encouraging information. There's some repenting I'm needing to do as well. I'm still mulling it over, as I can see that it's not cut and dry situations. Every friendship is different, and we each have different trust levels with each other, so what might be appropriate for one might not be for another. She said time and again to "focus on Christ" and "seek Christ" but I don't know how that looks in a boots-on-the-ground sort of way. If Christ meets all our needs, then why do we even need or want friends? He is the Comforter and is always with us, but somehow we need the Body of Christ in real people here on earth too. I'm having a hard time separating the different and same aspects of each.