Through the House in Joy: Obedience for all of Life Webinar


Rachel Jankovic

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All too often I see Christian women struggling in their home, not having a joyful time, floundering in their faith at home. But the reality is we have Jesus.

We have the gospel. When we apply these truths to our home, we'll see how joyful our work at the home is, how much it is all a part of God's kingdom-building purposes, how if we get the Christian imagination to see what God is doing through the work of our hands at home, we'd see so much more glory, delight, and encouragement in our homes. 

Every facet of the Christian life is something that should be impacted and changed by what we believe about our God. Our homes are such a good picture of everything we do. 

This 4-week webinar in May will explore the Christian life in the home. Here's what we'll cover. 

Week 1: where you are, contentment, the power and purpose of your work at home.

Week 2: living spaces, living in fellowship with an open-handed life.

Week 3: the kitchen, hunger and satisfaction, both physical and spiritual, as well as hospitality and service

Week 4: the bedroom, identity, rest, and security.

I would love to see Christian women fully embracing what their faith means in their homes. and living that out joyfully.

Join us every Wednesday this May, 10am PST.

Questions and answers will be live at that time but you can always watch the recording later if you can't make it.



  • Where can I watch the webinar recordings?
    Click here.
  • Will I be able to watch this after the event if I miss it live?
    Yes. You can watch the recordings at any time.
  • Can I ask Rachel questions and chat with other attendees?
    Yes, you’ll be able to ask any question, and chat with other webinar attendees during the live event. If you can’t make it to the live event, submit questions to Rachel via social media.
  • Will I be able to stream this as audio only? I have poor a internet connection. No. The live webinar will only be available as video. But you can rewatch the videos in a lower quality that poor internet connections can handle. 

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