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Logos Cursive Book 1: The Alphabet & Bible Memory

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B. J. Loyd

Developed over 20 years in the classroom, B.J. Loyd has created a unique program for teaching handwriting to children. 

Look Inside the Curriculum

This workbook teaches students the Modern Cursive style of handwriting. This program has students imitate excellent handwriting while copying selections of worthwhile content and was developed in the 2nd grade classroom at Logos School by veteran teacher B.J. Jordan.

This first book in the series has students copying the letters of the alphabet. Students trace over dotted letters and learn each stroke in the letter one at a time with plenty of practice. Then students practice joining the letters together, and gradually they practice connecting different letters with different words. The book ends with a series of Bible verses which the students copy out by hand.

Appropriate for students in the 2nd grade and up. It includes 10 printing review exercises and 70 exercises. 


ILLUSTRATOR: Mark Beauchamp

PAGE COUNT: 95 pages

SIZE: 8.5x11" perforated pages for easy tear-out

ISBN 10: 1952410037

ISBN 13: 9781952410031

Release Date: April 21, 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Natalie Nimmers
Cursive alphabet

Love this cursive curriculum!

Grete Telander
My favorite cursive introduction

I have tried two other books for teaching cursive, and this is my favorite. I like how the letters are introduced one little bit at a time, so that the child builds up to tracing the whole letters gradually. It's very affordable also. It's been great for my younger children, I wish they'd all started with it.

Great Learning Tool

We are really enjoying these handwriting books. Great for learning scripture.

Great workbook

I bought this for my 8 year old to work on his cursive this summer. It is well done and just the right length--long enough to bring real improvement but not overwhelmingly long! We have tried multiple cursive workbooks but this one we are actually able to stick with and enjoy.

Tristan Kitch
The best cursive book

My daughter was not happy I bought another level 1 cursive book but most of her little loops were must circles. The Logos Cursive Book 1 give step by step details of the hand movements for each letter so it’s far less likely to end up with circles in her ‘k’s! This will definitely be the way we go for the next 3 kids! I also appreciate that you wrap the books before boxing them up, it’s a nice touch. Thanks for going the extra mile!

Sara McCahon

This has turned around cursive for my kids. We have less tears and improved handwriting. There is a typo I believe for the Letter C (exercise 13), it has the letter A instead of C to practice. I can’t recommend this product enough though.

Susan Friesen

Logos Cursive Book 1: The Alphabet & Bible Memory