The Grammar of Spelling: Grade 3

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Matt Whitling

Don't just memorize spelling lists. Learn how to spell. 

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This great spelling program emphasizes hearing the parts of each new word.

Too many spelling textbooks are reading-spelling programs that make you memorize fifty or more phoneme/grapheme relationships in isolation. Instead, Grammar of Spelling is a program that teaches the most important spelling rules based on useful spelling lists and simple, effective exercises. Its strengths are in its cumulative spelling lists and dictation sentences. When a young student learns to hear each part of a basic root word, spelling becomes a simple matter of using the building blocks of reading and phonics.

The Grammar of Spelling program, now in its 3rd edition, has been taught in Grades 2-6 for more than twenty years at Logos School, the flagship classical Christian school. Written by veteran teachers Matt Whitling and B.J. Loyd, the simple worksheets that accompany each lesson are effective exercises in rewriting the spelling words for quick retention: Repeat & Write, Alphabetize in Print or Cursive, Flip & Write, and CAPITAL PRINT. These, combined with each week's spelling text, make it very clear when your student has mastered the list and can move on. Give your student the tools to spell correctly!

This edition of Grammar of Spelling has the following all-new features:

  • lesson instructions for the teacher, with tips on how to teach the rule or sound pattern
  • 2 dictation sentences for every lesson
  • point assignments for every dictation sentence and for all the tests

The third grade Spelling level includes 34 lists. They cover days of the week, months of the year, diphthongs, homophones, states of the US, compound words, number words, and five spelling rules.

What People Are Saying:

“I love how this resource spreads the assignments out over a 5 day school week. Making it less overwhelming. Also it is an easy to follow curriculum that has really aided my son in becoming a better speller.” ~Homeschooling Mom

“It's the easiest thing in the world for a home school teacher to use.” ~Homeschooling Mom

“This curriculum is very straightforward, no pictures or colors or songs or anything, but I like it the best of several I have used, and my daughter likes it too. She really knows the words by the time she is done with the unit and it doesn't take forever to finish each day.” ~ Homeschooling Mom

    AUTHORS: B.J. Loyd and Matt Whitling

    PAGE COUNT: 178 pages

    SIZE: 8.5x11"

    ISBN 10: 193044365X

    ISBN 13: 9781930443655


    RELEASE DATE: October 11 2022

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Michelle Taylor

      Only in week 3, so I can’t say much. My 3rd grader is still learning cursive, so he isn’t able to do the flip and write cursive part yet.

      Not happy

      This was a downgrade from the 2nd Grade Curriculum.

      Love it!

      I love the strategy of this curriculum!

      rachel mcguire
      I expected more

      I do hate to leave a bad review. Please note, the Grammar of Spelling for 2nd grade is excellent! There were clear word patterns, extra words if desired, directions and sentences provided for dictation. This book is a far cry from the standard set last year. I'm quite disappointed to find there's no dictation. We found great benefit to dictation in many areas with our older student. I've now sought to supplement spelling this year with another curriculum. There's another odd thing: the Stella Group. It sounds a marvelous idea to include more difficult words each week as "extra motivation for...very gifted spellers." However, the Stella Group words are not included in the book. I would/will need to seek out five additional words each week if necessary. Why even mention the Stella Group if the recommended words were not going to print also? We loved the second grade book and had really hoped for more of the same. Alas, this leaves a lot to be desired.

      April C. Heim

      The Grammar of Spelling: Grade 3