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Rachel Jankovic

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Celebrations big and small build God’s kingdom. So let’s get good at them.

In this four-week webinar, Rachel talks about why Christian families should spend time celebrating, and offers practical advice on how to make your home a hub of beautiful feasting. Don't be a stinker. Enjoy our Father's world.

  • From the Inside Out - Oct 20:
    Theology comes out your fingertips. Build culture on a good foundation.
  • The First Hospitality - Oct 27:
    Start with the daily expression of regular Christian life in your home. Culture-building starts with your family.
  • Using Holidays to Build Culture, Part 1 - Nov 3:
    What it all means for how you use your holidays, rather than your holidays using you.
  • Using Holidays to Build Culture, Part 2 - Nov 10:
    Building bigger cultural expressions of joy, gratitude, and glory. Christmas and Easter are only appetizers.

Questions will be asked and answered live, but you can always watch the recording later if you can’t make it. The webinar starts Oct 20th at 10AM Pacific Standard Time. 

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  • Where can I watch the webinar recordings?
    Click here.
  • Will I be able to watch this after the event if I miss it live?
    Yes. Starting Oct 20th, webinars go live on Thursdays at 10AM Pacific time and they'll be recorded. You can watch the recordings at any time.
  • Can I ask Rachel questions and chat with other attendees?
    Yes, you’ll be able to ask any question, and chat with other webinar attendees during the live event. If you can’t make it to the live event, submit questions to Rachel via social media.
  • Can I get a cheaper group rate for my whole church or a group over 20 people?
    Yes. Click here to inquire about the special rates.
  • Will I be able to stream this as audio only? I have poor a internet connection. No. The live webinar will only be available as video. But you can rewatch the videos in a lower quality that poor internet connections can handle. Email ren@canonpress.org for technical support issues.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Laura Whitman
Practical and Spiritual teaching for building Christian culture

I appreciate how Rachel spends most of her time addressing the hearts of her hearers, knowing that’s where our culture (as does everything ) stems from in our daily lives. I really appreciate how she doesn’t beat around the bush and am encouraged to know that my sin and problems aren’t unique to me, but are human problems. The advent resource was very helpful and has helped me to have a new perspective on bringing the daily gifts from the Lord into the season of advent. Thank you for this resource!

Julie Schlabach
Excellent content!

The content was challenging and enlightening :)

Kimberly Lee
Worth every penny

I’m never one to purchase a podcast or write a review but this was so encouraging and timely. I couldn’t help sharing all I had learned with other moms in my church. The bit on sourdough was my favorite because I just started my sourdough journey last year and all of the analogies were so good. Thank you for doing this before baby arrived, Rachel!

Kirsten Sacher
I never know where it is

I got through about one or two episodes of this. I love hearing Rachel speak, however the format is just not conducive for a busy, distracted mom! Whenever I think of listening, I don't remember how to get to it. Is it on a website? Is it in my email? Under which account? Ok, find the email, find the password, find the link, choose the right date.
If these continue to be available via email, it would be really helpful to get weekly email reminders so as to not have to search through mail and accounts every time. Even better would be to have an app!!

Loved the Content but the technology could improve

The content of this webinar was so helpful and really well-done. I wish that I would have been notified by email when the seminar was starting with a link to watch it instead of having to try to find the direct link and remember when to log on.

Franny Carufe

Dig into Culture-Building - Live Webinar

melissa cox
Encouraging and exposing!

Timely and accurate. Very needed in my own life as well as the lives of women in our fellowship.