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Xmas and Children
Once, when word of our opinions on the importance of Christmas had gotten out, we had some worried folks send us stuff. One of the things we received was a perfectly foul little tract entitled Xmas written by A.W. Pink. Mr. Pink was an honored servant of Christ and was used wonderfully by God in many ways— particularly through his book The Sovereignty of God.
Christmas Worldliness
It is no wonder that so many Christians have rejected Christmas because of the unabashed worldliness of the world at Christmastime. This worldliness is so bad that it even leaks into Christendom and contaminates the blessed holiday with its nasty, worldly stench.
The Protestant Two Kingdoms (for Dummies): What are the Two Kingdoms?
This past year we celebrated the five hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation of the church. This is wonderful. No doubt, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God was sung loudly and repeatedly. Children heard the story of Martin Luther, and on October 31st, Christians all over the globe partied, celebrated, and rejoic...
Why Everyone Should Read “Popes and Feminists”
On October 31, 2017, we celebrated the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation. In honor of that mighty pouring out of God’s Spirit, Canon Press published a rather unusually titled book, Popes and Feminists. It is an important and surprising book, and one that we hope gets a wide readership in our confused and un...
Identity & Doubt | Rachel Jankovic
Rachel Jankovic talks about your identity and how doubt plays an essential role in keeping you from finding your true identity in Christ.
An Interview with the Late Tom Wolfe by Aaron Rench
The interview took place at Wolfe’s apartment in New York City, in the Spring of 2011, for Credenda/Agenda Magazine.