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Covenantal Catechism
Helping children understand the story of God redeeming his people from Genesis to Revelation since 1963.
Understand the Entire Bible

This course works through God’s covenantal redemptive revelation to His people in six books. They cover the Bible’s full scope, Genesis to Revelation. Covenantal Catechism works as a homeschool bible curriculum, church education, Sunday School program.

Confessing The Faith

For ministers, elders, and teachers in pre-confession class, this book guides covenant youth as they prepare to profess their faith during public worship. It is structured around the four questions Reformed churches ask those who reach covenant maturity.

What People Are Saying
"One of the most important and practical tools for pastors, parents, and teachers that I have come across in recent years. I plan on ordering it in boxes."
Michael S. Horton
"Van Dyken sets a tone of optimism and joy about this central duty and unspeakable privilege that God has given his churches. Even those who do not share his commitment to the baptism of infants can benefit from his cogent argument and helpful suggestions."
Tom J. Nettles
"Parents everywhere-particularly homeschoolers-will rejoice. Historically sound, biblically substantive, practically oriented, immediately accessible-a book every pastor, Sunday school teacher, elder, and principal will be able to recommend."
George & Karen Grant
"It is hard to think of anything that would be of greater-or more lasting-benefit to Presbyterian and Reformed churches than to take heed to Van Dyken's wise counsel."
G. I. Williamson
"A persuasive call to the grand tradition of catechizing our covenant children. May the church hear and heed this call. If we do, perhaps we will reap a harvest of stalwart saints who are zealous for Christ's crown and covenant."
Susan Hunt
The beauty of this curriculum is its simplicity. The focus is on Christ.... Some other curriculums claimed to be Christ-centered, but this one really is. It's the best curriculum I've seen.
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
We are so happy to have found your materials! Your books are both teacher-friendly and kid-friendly and yet contain the foundational concepts that help in understanding all of Scripture. Plus, the parents are involved in the teaching!
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church

Covenantal Catechism

Some catechetical programs offer little more than an overview of Reformed theology. Not this one. Donald Van Dyken’s Covenantal Catechism offers the next generation grounding in the unfolding journey of God and His people throughout redemptive history. It thus provides a well-rounded foundational understanding of the holy Scriptures.

Build Knowledge of the Entire Bible

This course works through God’s covenantal redemptive revelation to His people in six books that cover the Bible’s full scope, Genesis to Revelation.

Church and Home

Covenantal Catechism is primarily designed for your church education or Sunday School program. The material is eminently suitable for home educators – and has been used profitably by a great number in that setting.

What  Catechism Means 

After Jesus had led and taught the disciples three years, He posed this question to them, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Embedded in that short exchange is the essence of catechism and the essence of covenant. Covenant is God revealing Himself and his people responding. This catechism curriculum then is built on that premise.

Since God’s revelation of Himself is one of the words He expects His people to respond first of all with words. It is upon that “God speaking, people answering” dynamic that this covenantal catechism program is based.

“More knowledge is ordinarily diffused, especially among the young and ignorant, by one hour’s catechetical exercise, than by many hours of continual discourse.” – John Owen 

Teaching What God Says—The Bible

The first part of a covenantal catechism program then will consist of teaching our children what God has said and is saying to them in His Word, the Bible. The series of books you see is dedicated to assist in filling that purpose—to reveal through the Bible the Word and works of our God. We may call this first part Scripture Catechism.

Teaching What the Church Answers—The Confessions

The second part of a covenantal catechism program will teach our children how they should answer our God; what confession of faith they should make. This normally 

takes form by teaching them the confessions of the church to which they belong. Although Line of Promise Press does not yetpublish confessional catechetical material, much is available. You will find a page listing material available on this site. We call this second part Confessional Catechism.

What Is Our Doctrinal Position? Reformed and Covenantal

These books are Scripture Catechism, and express a standpoint that is both Reformed and covenantal.

The teaching is Reformed.

The books teach from a perspective reflecting the great Reformation confessions — the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, the Canons of Dort, and the Westminster Confession and Catechisms. They belong to the heritage commonly known as “Reformed” to distinguish it from the Lutheran and Anabaptist streams of the Reformation.

Our Scripture catechism books clearly follow the great Reformation themes of Scripture Alone, By Faith AloneThrough Grace AloneBy Christ Alone, and To God Alone Be the Glory.

The teaching is clearly covenantal.

  • The books and lessons teach that the Bible is the one revelation of the Triune God. God’s revelation is one, His church is one—Old Testament and New Testament—His salvation is one, always and only through Jesus Christ, from Adam onward.
  • They teach that God, from Adam to the present, has included children in the unbelief, and also in the belief, of their parents. These books, therefore, teach that infants born to believers are, along with their parents, members of the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • They teach that as God establishes His covenant with children, He speaks to them through His Word, also by means of catechism instruction, and expects and requires an answer of faith from these children.
  • They teach that the children are a covenantal unity of prophet, priest, and king. This means that the children, as image of God, have been equipped with intellect, emotion, and will. This catechetical instruction will seek to inform their intellect, their mind; to call for a response of faith and love from their heart, and finally to challenge them to choose, to act, to live, in obedience to God.