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Christians surrender their kids unwittingly to the godless every day.
It's time we said, "Not with my kids, you don't."
Education is warfare. Fight for your kids with tools to raise faithful, dangerous Christians at Logos Press.
It's bad out there. Christian kids need a Christian education.

(infographic image? 7 out of 10 Christian kids in public schools leave the faith one year into college; good soil chart 2.4, and 1.5)
The secularists are winning the fight to cripple our kids’ faith and sabotaging their future livelihood.

It's Bad in Our Homes, Too

But even Christians who homeschool have their problems. It’s all too popular today for husbands to burden their wives with the heavy task of child rearing without doing their part. God commands that Christian fathers give their children a Christian paideia which is a thorough education and nurture preparing Christian citizens for Christ’s kingdom (Ephesians 6:4, Deuteronomy 11:19).

How should we educate our children in a way that obeys God and isn’t just a reaction to the latest stat?

The Goal of Curriculum

Logos School Superintendent Larry Stephenson says the goal of curriculum should be to prepare students to be soldiers and conquerors for the sake of Christ and to instill in them a love for knowledge, discernment, and wisdom. For 40 years, faithful men and women at Logos School have built curriculum and trained students to bring every subject under the Lordship of Christ. They have the results too, graduating students full of faith and in the top 2% nationwide. For 30 years, Logos Press has been bringing this kind of curriculum right to your home.

Why Boxed Curriculum isn't Enough

Even if you had the same curriculum as Logos School, Christian education is not something delivered in a 40lb box you can unpack and leave to your kids. We need all of Christ for all of life, especially in education. Since 2012, Logos Press merged with Canon Press as its curriculum division. Logos Press offers the skeleton of curriculum, Canon Press offers the blood of Jesus in books. By the grace of God, your faith in Christ’s blood enables you to parent your kids and give them a Christian education that raises worthy Christian citizens.

Fake Education

We believe this integration of gospel and education is becoming the missing element in classical, Christian education today. Many confuse a a classical Christian education with studying old things that benefits Christians’ SAT scores. Instead, classical Christian education should prepare Christians with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom as citizens of Christ’s kingdom, which by God’s providence also has deep, old roots in Western Civilization that deserve study.

So if you want to raise faithful, dangerous Christian kids, check out Logos Press.
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