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Man Rampant Season 1
No nonsense talks on Christianity and masculinity.
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Sacred cows beware.

What Men Are Saying
This is liberating stuff. This is health-giving manliness
— Jeff
A much-needed antidote to our current cultural chaos.
— Peter Ricketts
Stuff I wish I had heard when I was a teenager. Quality content.
— Andy Thaxton
Necessary Roughness. Doug Wilson is sincere, hospitable, and willing to offend. Big fan.
— Tom E.
Great conversations about important issues. Pairs well with Scotch and Bourbon.
— Eric
You want to watch this. Good practical talk on subjects most would avoid.
— James C. Arndt
We've taken to pouring a whiskey and consuming this content as a group of men. Good times that lead to fantastic conversations for the rest of the week.
— Mark
A serious jab at pseudo masculinity from a biblical perspective.
— Armando
A refreshing antidote to a culture of gender confusion and family chaos.
— M. Hsie
Side effects may include rapid onset manliness.
— Austin Prince
My husband keeps stopping the video and saying, “Yes. that’s exactly right!” I’m learning a lot!
— Carol
These conversations are just what the church needs today.
— Colin Dilworth
The Sin of Empathy ft. Joe Rigney - Episode 1
It's taboo to offer advice to victims, much less question them and their feelings. That's because today's most exalted virtue is empathy, but there is more to this story.
Education & Kingmaking ft. Dr. Benjamin R. Merkle - Episode 2
Education is never neutral. When 70% of kids raised in the church leave the faith during college, it is high time for Christians to recover their kids and the global ambitions of faithful education.
The Lie of Servant Leadership ft. Aaron Renn - Episode 3
"Servant leadership" is a popular term, but in practice it gives Christian men unhelpful ideas about what leadership is -- and teaches lessons about what makes a man attractive to a woman that are just plain wrong.
The State vs. Your Family ft. C.R. Wiley - Episode 4
The State cannot define your place in the universe the way your family can. You are a father, a mother, a son, or a daughter, and you have a God-glorifying place in the war for the cosmos.
The Sins of Christian Women ft. Aaron Renn - Episode 5
Too many church leaders criticize men in the congregation but refuse to pastor and rebuke female members. Why are men so much easier to chastise and harass? Don't women sin too?
Impotent Christianity ft. Gary DeMar - Episode 6
Since Jesus is the ruler of this world, why do many Christians assume everything will get worse until the world ends? Defeatist eschatology devastated the church, but Christians should be encouraged by a biblically optimistic view of the future and a successful Great Commission.