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A Different Shade of Green Group Study Guide

Gordon Wilson

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A Different Shade of Green Group Study Guide

Gordon Wilson


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  • We have been shockingly bad at usin g our Bibles and our brains when it comes to conservation and the environment. Unhinged environmentalism is not the answer, but neither are ignorance and apathy. It’s time for something different .

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    Christian responsibility for the natural world goes back to the very beginning, when God commanded us to “fill the earth and subdue it.” This Dominion Mandate is an authoritative alternative to both environmental activists and to those who think “conservation” is a word progressives made up.

    So what does “dominion” mean for us, living in a world of constant reports about impending global meltdown; of oils spills, pollution, and strip-mining; of extinction threats both real and imagined? A Different Shade of Green contains a compelling Christian approach to biodiversity conservation and other environmental issues, offering solutions and correcting errors while teaching us how to give thanks for and rule over all of creation.

  • Dr. Gordon Wilson is Senior Fellow of Natural History at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, and has also taught a wide array of biology courses at Liberty University. He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University in 2003. Gordon is the author of the biology textbook The Riot and the Dance and is featured in the nature documentary of the same name. He is …

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