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A House For My Name: Q&A

Joshua Appel

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A House For My Name: Q&A

Joshua Appel


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  • The best stories subtly weave themes and characters and symbols into a stunning final tapestry. In this Canon Press bestseller, Leithart shows that the Bible is the best story.

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    A House for My Name , written for family and classroom reading, reveals the rich weave that makes Scripture the Story of stories. Here, the review and thought questions found in the book are answered, by no less than a Fellow of Theology at New Saint Andrews College.

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  • Joshua Appel (M.A. Christian Thought, Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida) is a fellow of humanities at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho and is a pastor at Trinity Reformed Church. He and his wife Sara have six children.

    AUTHOR: Joshua Appel

    PAGE COUNT: 114 pages

    SIZE: 5.50x8.50"

    ISBN 10: 159128063X

    ISBN-13: 9781591280637

    PUB. DATE: September 14, 2010

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