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Abusing Memory
The Healing Theology of Agnes Sanford

Ever since the Fall, God's people have been tempted to mix with foreign gods. Many have given in. Evangelicalism's dance with modern psychology is no exception.

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Agnes Sanford has long been hailed as the mother of the Inner Healing/Healing of Memories movement. Though her methods are popular in various segments of the Church, they are anything but Christian. Dr. Gumprecht explores the beginnings of this religious arm of the New Age movement, focusing on Agnes Sanford's rebellion against the orthodox church, her understanding of God's will in connection with suffering, her involvement with New Age leader Emmet Fox, and more.

From the Book:

"Defenders of Inner Healing often claim that their critics are neglecting the good in their work. Their criteria for embracing a program is largely pragmatic—if it works, it’s worth utilizing. But we can know if a strategy truly works in the long run, only if it is compatible with biblical doctrine. Saul consulted the witches of Endor even though Deuteronomy 18 forbids it. It seemed to work, in the short term. Saul received the answer he had vainly sought from God. But 1 Chronicles 10:13 makes it clear, God didn’t condone an occult way of determining 'His will,' even though it 'worked.' Saul paid with his life.

"God’s Word is truth, and so we need to examine the basic theological foundation of Agnes Sanford’s beliefs. If she taught things contrary to biblical doctrine, we must throw out the teaching, whether it appears to work or not. In the past, the name of these teachings was heresy. Throughout history, men have paid with their lives to defend God’s Word against the very heretical doctrines that are accepted today by many who take the name of Christ.

"Agnes was a loving and multi-talented woman, who believed God had given her a very important mission in life. I am sure she thought she was a Christian because of her heritage, marriage, knowledge, and mystical experience. My intent is not to demean her as a person. Rather, I write this book in loving concern for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I ask you to consider prayerfully the evidence presented herein. Read Agnes Sanford’s books for yourself and then evaluate the Inner Healing/Healing of Memories movement. Jude 3 and 4 commands Christians to 'earnestly contend for the faith' and to be wary of those who have 'crept in unawares' into our churches and 'deny the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.'" -From the Introduction

Jane Gumprecht was a medical doctor residing in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. She was raised as a member of the New Age group the Unity School of Christianity (Unity Church) and was a student and critic of New Age thinking from a biblical stance. She also wrote Holistic Health: A Medical Critique of New Age Deception.

AUTHOR: Jane Gumprecht

PAGE COUNT: 167 pages

SIZE: 5.50x8.50

ISBN 10: 1-885767-27-7

ISBN-13: 978-1-885767-27-1

PUB. DATE: August 1, 1997