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America’s Wars

America's Wars: A Biblical Overview and Evaluation

Second Annual Credenda/Agenda History Conference: Annual History Conference (1997)

These lectures review and critique the wars in which the United States has been involved, including the first Gulf War and Somalia. Too often, the telling of these stories has been led by blind, unbelieving scholars. Here, however, the listener finds a scriptural telling of these wars, distinguishing between the noble and ignoble, the righteous cause and unrighteous.

The following lectures are included in this set:

1. A Christian View of War - Douglas Wilson

2. French/Indian, Independence, 1812 - Steve Wilkins

3. Mexican War - Douglas Wilson

4. War Between the States - Steve Wilkins

5. Spanish/American & WWI - Douglas Wilson

6. World War II - Tom Garfield

7. Wars of the New World Order - Steve Wilkins

8. Questions and Answers - Douglas Wilson, Steve Wilkins, and Tom Garfield