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Cantus Christi (1st Edition)

Canon Press

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Cantus Christi (1st Edition)

Canon Press


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  • Liturgical culture drives all other expressions of culture. The culture we exhibit in the presence of our gods is the defining element of every culture. The saints of the last two millennia have added their voices to the heavenly chorus, and their music is our inheritance. Some of this inheritance stretches modern ears. It delights in the glories of musical aesthetic depth. With Cantus Christi , we endeavor to recover a small portion of that great heritage. This will be the second most well-worn book in your home, with food and wine stains on every page. Not machine washable.

    Click here for a sample , including a "Manifesto for Psalms and Hymns", and an "Introduction to Musical Style."

  • ISBN-10: 1-591280-03-6

    ISBN-13: 978-1-591280-03-3

    PAGES: 478

    SIZE: 6.5x9.5

    PUB. DATE: 2002

    FORMAT: Hardcover

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