Detox for the Modern Mom - Live Webinar

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Rachel Jankovic

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What does it actually look like to be a Christian mother in the world today?

It looks a lot different from what the world is telling you mothering looks like. We need a completely different worldview, assumptions about what's true and good and beautiful, and we need to answer all sorts of questions that come up every day in light of those truths.

We'll be talking about

  • Week 1: Scripture as Foundation
    how to build your mothering habits on Scripture,
  • Week 2: Modern Mothering Myths
    how modern mom advice compares to the standard of the Bible,
  • Week 3: Obedience
    taking responsibility for your obedience and your kids' obedience, and
  • Week 4: Joy and Freedom at Home
    how living like a Christian shapes your home for joy and freedom.

So join us for the webinar starting March 15th on Tuesdays at 10 o'clock Pacific Standard Time.

Questions and answers will be live at that time but you can always watch the recording later if you can't make it.


  • Where can I watch the webinar recordings?
    Click here.
  • Will I be able to watch this after the event if I miss it live?
    Yes. Starting March 15th, webinars go live on Tuesday at 10AM Pacific time and they'll be recorded. You can watch the recordings at any time.
  • Can I ask Rachel questions and chat with other attendees?
    Yes, you’ll be able to ask any question, and chat with other webinar attendees during the live event. If you can’t make it to the live event, submit questions to Rachel via social media.
  • Can I get a cheaper group rate for my whole church or a group over 20 people?
    Yes. Click here to inquire about the special rates.
  • Will I be able to stream this as audio only? I have poor a internet connection. No. The live webinar will only be available as video. But you can rewatch the videos in a lower quality that poor internet connections can handle. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Wise Words for Weird Times

It's good to hear a still-in-the-trenches mom share these Scriptural principles.

Inman, Tabitha
Loved it!

Wish I was able to watch thru the app thou

Melissa Cameron

Wonderful study!!

Rachael Lombard
The ladies in our church were greatly blessed!

A special thank you to Ren for assisting us so kindly. This series was so timely for many moms and families in our congregation. We also added the anti-fragile talk that Rachel gave a few years ago and it was so apt for our specific group of mothers. We thank Rachel and Canon press for the effort made and biblical wisdom given over the past 4 weeks. Training children in the righteousness of the Lord is no easy feat and we need all the biblical help we can get.

Lindsay Collison
Straight to the heart

What I love about Rachel is her ability to talk about the hard issues in a loving way without needing to sugar coat anything. You can tell she walks the walk and knows the word well. She is able to expose a lot of lies the world throws at us in this culture and give hope through faithful living.

Fresh & Fun!

Loved the webinar! It was the shot in the arm I needed to stay focused & keep my head in the Mothering Game. I love that Rachel is my age & still in the trenches! That makes her advice so fresh & relevant. She keeps it fun & doesn’t take herself too seriously! Very refreshing!

Carla Johnston
Rachel Jankovic Hits the Mark

Excellent talks on how to go about mothering children in a Biblical and godly way.