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Devoured by Cannabis (1st toke Ed.)

“With the outbreak of COVID-19, BK is forced to the grassy succor that even Rogan hasn't resorted to since he blacked out in Austin...'Blow some my way', says Brian, 'and I'll hash out solid wisdom beyond the weed.' Let us watch this modern Jonah who survived the belly of the green beast. I'm feeling numbies.” ~from B King Kohl, Introduction to Logic

Look Inside this Joint

Douglas Wilson is pastor of Christ Church, where Brian sometimes sits and melts like soft serve.


INTRODUCTION: B King Kohl, 2 tokes in

TRANSLATOR: B "Bryan" King Kohl 3 tokes in

PAGE COUNT: 420 pages

SIZE: 2.75 x 1.4", the joint standard

ISBN-13: 123-4-204204-20-1

ISBN-10: 4-204204-20-1

BINDING: Paperback

PUB. DATE: October 12, 2020