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Great Deliverance (Audio Download)

Great Deliverance: The Life of Justification - Audio Download

2005 Annual Christ Church Ministerial Conference

Many faithful brothers have fallen into an ossified confessionalism that hampers discussions of justification. Justification is more than just a once-for-all forensic event. Calvin describes the beginning of justification and its continual progress this way in his Instistitutes: "God does not, as many stupidly believe, once for all reckon to us as righteousness that forgiveness of sins concerning which we have spoken... For since no perfection can come to us so long as we are clothed in this flesh, ...God's mercy counters it and by continual forgiveness of sins repeatedly acquits us." John Leithart, Lusk, and Wilson for this exploration of the life of justification. The following lectures are included in this set:

1. Old Paths and Ancient Landmarks - Douglas Wilson

2. The Justification of God: Justification in Recent Theology - Peter Leithart

3. The Rich Young Rebel: An Alternative Account of Matthew 19:16-30

4. Regeneration and Justification - Douglas Wilson

5. And Abraham Believed God: Justification and Righteousness in Genesis - Peter Leithart

6. Did Jesus Earn Our Salvation - Rich Lusk

7. No Condemnation: Justification and Deliverance in Romans 8 - Peter Leithart

8. Feeling God's Pleasure: Living in a State of Justification - Rich Lusk

9. Justification and Culture Wars - Douglas Wilson