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Histories & Stories
Trinity Festival

Histories & Stories from the Older Testament Annual Trinity Festival (2007)

Jesus said that the Old Testament was the story of the suffering and glory of the Christ. But how is that so? Beginning with the assertion that the Old Testament is a story in-and-of-itselfa story moving towards the incarnationthese talks offer a closer look at a few of Israel's most courageous saints, showing how Jesus is revealed in their lives. As they retell the stories of Samson, Joseph, Esther, and others, the speakers describe the beauty of the individual stories while emphasizing the glorious, overarching narrative that began in the Garden and culminated in the coming of Christ. The following topics are included in this set:

1. Overview of the Old Testament as a Story - Peter Leithart

2. The Edomites - David Field

3. Joseph - Steve Wilkins

4. Solomon - Douglas Wilson

5. Samson - David Field

6. The Young Moses - Steve Wilkins

7. Jonah - David Field

8. Daniel - Douglas Wilson

9. Esther - Douglas Wilson

10. Q & A