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Lab Manual for The Riot and the Dance

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Gordon Wilson

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If you thought biology was the tedious province of secular scientists, think again: The Riot and the Dance is biology like you've never seen it before.

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This Lab Manual is the perfect lab companion to The Riot and the Dance, including 25 labs along with materials list, objectives, exercises, detailed lab instructions, and a year long schedule of interactive labs corresponding to the Student text. Enjoy getting your hands (or latex gloves, at least) dirty with your children!

Download the Complete Materials List here.

Download the Answer Key to the Questions in the Lab Manual here.

Here are the Links to the Demonstration Videos:

Labs 6 and 7: Click here for the Central Dogma video.

Lab 8: Click here for the Lac Operon video.

Lab 10: Click here for the Mitosis video.

Click here to view a labeled example of each phase of mitosis in an onion.

Lab 11: Click here for the Meiosis video.

Click here to view a labeled example of each phase of meiosis

Lab 25: Click here to rent Dr. Wilson's first documentary “The Riot and the Dance: Earth”

Websites for Biological Materials: 

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Bio Corporation

Ward's Science 

What People Are Saying about The Riot and the Dance:

"The Riot and the Dance by Dr. Gordon Wilson is not your typical biology text book, as is obvious from the title. It is written in a more personal style—like a conversation between the student and the professor. As a consequence the reader feels more like the author is a real person and they are reading a real book (rather than trying to plow through a dictionary or encyclopedia). All the essential biology is presented, and is presented well—but in a more user-friendly context. The author is transparent in his Christian perspective, but remains strongly focused on the biology at hand. His very limited interjection of personal perspectives preserves the book's professional character but adds a dash of salt. There is no attempt to deal in depth with various theories regarding the history of life, which I feel is appropriate and intellectually honest." -John Sanford, PhD, Courtesy Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University

"As a former college professor, it was refreshing to read a biology textbook that was not saturated in evolutionary fairy tales. Wilson doesn't hide his beliefs about creation beginning with God's Word. I enjoyed the conversational style of the book that will engage students with the information versus the typical biology textbook that is a boring recounting of facts. I also appreciated the use of analogies as these are a very effective teaching tool in the sciences. The Riot and the Dance will make a great addition to any biology classroom that desires to learn about God's world beginning with God's Word." -Georgia Purdom, PhD, Answers in Genesis


"This is a textbook that is not like other textbooks because it is fun. I have used this book as a help in teaching high school biology, I've referred to it during medical school (for his summaries of metabolic pathways), and I have read big chunks of it for pleasure and out of curiosity. Dr. Gordon Wilson is a very talented teacher and he does a wonderful job of illustrating the content of his book." -Ryan

"The Riot and the Dance is everything you need a biology text to be. It’s college prep. It’s interesting. It covers biology from the cellular level all the way up to the macro level (but does not cover humans) and ends with a well written chapter on ecology. It traffics in awe and wonder... If you are looking for a biology curriculum for high school, The Riot and the Dance is worth your consideration. It’s a solid, informative text, it’s engaging, and the labs are good. What’s not to like?" -Brandy

AUTHOR: Dr. Gordon Wilson


SIZE: 8.5x11"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9781591281948

ISBN-10: 1591281946

PUB. DATE: January 1, 2016

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The Riot and the Dance Student Textbook is an approachable and readable explanation of the basics of biology and it is made up of two units, one on the cell and one on the diversity of life. It includes 29 chapters with review questions at the end of every chapter.

The Riot and the Dance Teacher's Edition contains detailed reading objectives, quizzes for every chapter, unit exams, and a complete answer key. Students can take the quizzes and exams directly from this book as the pages are perforated for easy removal.

The Riot and the Dance Complete Bundle contains the Student Textbook, the Teacher's Edition, and the Lab Manual all for 25% off!

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