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Latin Primer 3
Audio Guide

Learning to understand Latin can be hard enough, let alone trying to speak it.

Read by Jessica Blakey with Brian Kohl, this audio guide covers the vocabulary and chants from the fourth edition of Latin Primer 3. This all-new edition introduces a "student" voice, providing your students with the chance to check their answers while they listen to the audio download. We've also added bonus word stories (not included in the textbook) that are designed to strengthen vocabulary knowledge.

Although supplemental, this audio guide is an invaluable resource for parents and teachers who want their students to learn classical Latin pronunciation.

This audio guide download is a single mpeg-4 audio file, which means it is very large. You can navigate the file in iTunes by clicking the "Chapters" tab on the menu bar. This enables you to move from week to week, rather than just restarting the file from the beginning every time you play it.

All the vocabulary can be accessed for free here!