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Liquid Gospel, Edible Words (CD)

Liquid Gospel, Edible Words

The Sacramental Theology of Historic Protestantism Annual Ministerial Conference (2002)

The Bible not only stresses the Word rightly preached, but also the Word sprinkled, broken, and poured. The Word sensed, and the Word celebrated. The Word tasted, touched, and to be believed. The Word of God coming to us in the means of grace established by Jesus Christ Himself. In these lectures, the speakers investigate the Reformed doctrine of the sacraments, and stress the Word which we are to believe in and through the sacraments--never separated from them. The following topics are included in this set:

1. Early Reformers & The Lord's Supper - Douglas Wilson

2. In Defense of Ritual - Peter Leithart

3. A Theology of Taste and Touch - Douglas Jones

4. Neither Jew Nor Greek - Peter Leithart

5. One Bread, One Body - Peter Leithart

6. Sensing Bread, Sensing Wine - Douglas Jones

7. True Blessing & Real Curses - Douglas Wilson

8. Music of the Supper - Louis Schuler

9. The Poetics of Water - Douglas Jones

10. Worthy Participation - Douglas Wilson

11. Do This - Peter Leithart

12. Puritan Approach to Metaphor - Douglas Wilson