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Logos Latin 1 DVD

Julie Garfield

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Logos Latin 1 DVD

Julie Garfield


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  • Logos Latin 1 is a program designed for third grade students.

    Each weekly lesson includes the rigorous vocabulary, chants, derivatives, and worksheets. Logos Latin adds some new features as well: weekly activity pages for each lesson; vocabulary pronunciation for each Latin word; constellation maps; Iulia, Iulius and Saxum become friends your students can follow through learning Latin; new, better organization; improved teacher instructions and schedules.

    Each lesson fully and completely taught including chants. The DVD follows lesson by lesson along with the Student Workbook.

    Watch the author, Julie Garfield, teach Latin.

  • Julie Garfield taught at Logos School for over two decades. She is married to Tom Garfield and they have four children (all graduates of Logos School), as well as a growing number of grandchildren.

    TEACHER: Julie Garfield

    PRODUCER: Logos Press


    ISBN 10: 1-935000-17-9

    ISBN 13: 978-1-935000-17-4

    PUB. DATE: 2009

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