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Made in the Image Poetry Bundle

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In appreciation of this world that God made out of his own words.

We all can imitate him: Poetry is a way of life.

This bundle includes two collections of original poetry (Untune the Sky; Made in the Image) and one anthology of great Calvinist poets throughout the centuries (Calvinist Poetry: 101 Poems by Calvinist Poets).


Calvinist Poetry: 101 Poems by Calvinist Poets: 

This anthology of 100+ poems written by Calvinists is a surprising introduction to the aesthetics of the Reformed tradition. Thanks to the included notes and short biographies, this anthology is a great introduction to a host of Calvinist poets -- and the faith that inspired them.

From the editor: "Calvinists have had a great many negative things said over the years about their lack of artistic soul. Mention Calvinists and aesthetics, and the immediate image that comes up in many minds is that of some of Cromwell’s men heading down to the cathedral with a ball peen hammer to knock off some saints’ noses. Not surprisingly, I believe this caricature to be grotesquely unfair.... But whenever you try to explain the great aesthetic achievements of Calvinism, everybody just looks at you with a fat face. Disbelief is the word I believe I am looking for. Because the proof is in the pudding, I thought the best thing to do would be to assemble a collection of poems by various Calvinists, and let you all, members of the fair and open-minded public, have a look at them." 

Untune the Sky: 

This noble collection of verse on subjects great and small provides a window into how a Christian writer views the world: there is beauty, there is sorrow, but underneath it all beats the music of the heavens -- and it is in the music of the heavens that we all will find our end. 

Made in the Image: Plain Poems:

This cheerful collection of rumbling poetry is the perfect introduction to the good life -- the life each Christian should be living. There is wine, there are riddles, there is war with sin, there are jokes...all uttered in appreciation of this world that God made out of his own words. We all can imitate him: Poetry is a way of life.

RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2023

Customer Reviews

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David J.
Great bundle!

Some really powerful poetry contained in this bundle. Well worth it!


I like it. Good poetry.

Cody L.

Love them! Great books so far.

Dillon A.

Made in the Image Poetry Bundle


Started all three books. Almost finished with Until The Sky. Poetry that is Scriptural, practical and beautiful. Wonderfully done

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