Marriage as Manifest Glory


Douglas Wilson


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Most discussions of marriage don't go deep enough. They suggest mere ideas or invoke insights of modern psychology. This all-encompassing series, by pastor Doug Wilson, explains this profound connection in specific, concrete ways too often missed in modern discussions. These very practical sermons show us how to manifest the glory of our profound God within the often complicated and distorted relationships of husbands and wives. The following sermons are included in this set:

Marriage & the Nature of God (Series 1)

1. Discontent

2. Letter and Spirit

3. The Leaden Rule

4. The Trinity and Marriage

5. The Incarnation and Marriage

6. Covenant Thinking and Marriage

7. Partaking and Marriage

8. Worship and Marriage

Marriage & the Basics (Series 2)

1. Masculinity: Men Are Different From Women

2. Femininity: Women Are Different From Men

3. Scriptural Roles of Husbands

4. Scriptural Roles of Wives

5. The World Lies About Equality

Marriage & Sin (Series 3)

1. Love Covers a Multitude

2. Keeping Short Accounts

3. Rebellion in Marriage

4. Jealousy

5. Sanctification: Hard and Slow

6. Learning Is Awkward

Being Knit Together (Series 4)

1. Imitation

2. Love Bestows Loveliness

3. Respect Engenders Respectability

4. Communication

5. Meals Together

6. Times Apart

7. Growing Old Together

8. Preparing for Death and Dying

Learning to Dance (Series 5)

1. What Headship Is Not

2. What Headship Is

3. What Submission Is Not

4. What Submission Is

5. Men Are Stupid

6. Women Are Stupid

7. Reciprocity

Sexual Love & Respect

1. Love, Sacrifice, and Authority

2. Respect, Submission, and Authority

3. Sexual Faithfulness: Companionship

4. Sexual Faithfulness: Children

5. Sexual Faithfulness: Protection From Sin

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