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Memoirs of a Traveling Economist

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The story of an academic who ended up becoming a world traveler.

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When Kjell Christophersen moved to America from Norway and ended up getting a PhD in economics at Washington State University, he found that jobs in academia were uncertain. He worked on World Bank and USAID projects traveling to foreign countries and caught the traveling bug. From then on, he got used to the long flights, culture shock, hectic schedules, and foreign food for the thrill of traveling all over the world to make deals.

This book is the memoirs of a Christian economist who has seen the world, seen the way American foreign aid projects are evaluated and promoted, and seen their pitfalls and weaknesses. He gives sober warnings about the limitations of foreign aid and other American-funded programs, while telling entertaining stories of adventure and mayhem. Whether he is being attacked by monkeys or elephants or narrowly escaping a coup, Christophersen keeps the reader’s attention and gives a taste of what it is like to be an American-Norwegian visiting and living in foreign countries. This book will make you both think and laugh.

Dr. Kjell Christophersen is a senior economist with 40 years of international and domestic experience. He is the co-founder and recently retired Senior Economist of Economic Modeling Specialists—Emsi—headquartered in Moscow ID and with offices in the U.K. and Dallas, Texas. Emsi specializes in economic impact analysis, labor market/workforce development forecasting, and economic growth analysis.

Dr. Christophersen has extensive international experience in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean as an economic development consultant, both long- and short-term working for clients such as USAID and The World Bank. He has worked in nearly 70 countries and served as team leader on projects involving economic modeling, project designs and evaluations, natural resource management assessments, planning, feasibility and recurrent cost studies, training needs assessments, training in economic and financial analysis, economics of ecotourism, and environmental assessments from the economics perspective. Before Emsi, Dr. Christophersen was a Senior Manager for the International Resources Group (1983–2001), Associate Professor at the University of Idaho (1977–1983), and an adjunct associate professor at Washington State University (1992–1998). He is fluent in English and Norwegian, and nearly fluent in French. 

AUTHOR: Kjell Christophersen


SIZE: 6x9"

ISBN-10: 1952410738

ISBN-13: 978-1952410734

PUB. DATE: December 8, 2020