Intermediate Logic DVD Course

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Canon Logic Series

Once students have developed the fundamentals of logic taught in Introductory Logic, they are ready to move on to analysis of arguments.

Completely revised and expanded, our second logic DVD course will help students eighth grade and up master propositional logic. This course will bring a logician with more than twenty years of teaching experience right into your home. An experienced teacher will walk you through every lesson in our bestselling Intermediate Logic textbook: proofs of validity, truth trees, how to identify arguments and analyze their structure in real writing, and much more, not to mention practice tests and other special helps for those learning at home. It also includes an optional unit on digital logic, the logical language on which most everyday gadgets run.

Get the DVD as part of the easy-to-use, easy-to-teach Intermediate Logic Program. Enjoy!

Contains:  the all new DVD Course. Four dual-layer DVDs. Running time: 12+ hours.

The complete Intermediate Logic video course is available for streaming with a subscription to Canon+. Visit to learn more.

Click here to download a spreadsheet with a list of all video titles, the running time in each, and the lessons that correspond with them.

Watch the Trailer for the DVD Course HERE:

TEACHER: Brian Kohl

PRODUCER: Canon Press

RUNNING TIME: 11 hours, 25 minutes

UPC-12: 744022022335

PUB. DATE: May 2019

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Naomi U.
Great videos

My son is enjoying the video instruction.

Rebecca Moore
Very helpful

My daughter has this to say about it: “This DVD set has helped me so much for this class! The lessons are explained very thoroughly. I would recommend this to anyone who is taking this class!”
Thank you for the help!

Katie Day

He does a great job of teaching a wide range of ages. His style keeps the kids engaged without being overly corny or obnoxious in an effort to be entertaining to younger ones.

Pam Smith
It’s helpful but the teacher should talk a little slower

It is helpful, but the guy talks so fast. It is hard to digest what is being said when the person talks so quickly. Also, I wish it could be simplified a little more.